Misery loves company.

I don’t blog or well let me rephrase that, I haven’t before now. Seems easy enough since I’m opinionated enough with not enough ears to always listen. Or even better a place for me to blog everything that catches my eye. For some reason any time I listen to country music (especially Blake Shelton) I find myself in a lot of deep thoughts. The theme tonight will be MISERY LOVES COMPANY. And for that I am a firm believer in this old time saying.


Tonight I will go on my rant about people. Not just anyone, the ones who are needy, desperate for attention and always looking for a handout. I’m not talking about anything in a monetary value either, but the people who are endless drama. What’s with grown men and woman turning social media sites in their own personal diaries? The woman who update posts every 25 minutes about their current relationship status, “I’m moving on and working on myself after just another failure.” And the next time I refresh my news feed that same person posts, ” I’m so blessed to have him in my life!” What makes you think anyone cares when this is an endless revolving post from you. What happened to having self respect and integrity.

What about the men and woman who’s every post is so negative and they hate life? They make sure to update their status on a 12 hour basis to let everyone know that they are still miserable and hating life, but “don’t worry about how they are doing and they don’t need any help!” It wouldn’t make a difference if you wanted help or not because unless the person on the other side of the computer is a therapist, you can’t be helped. For those of you who hate life and it’s so lonely why don’t you attempt to take on a better attitude and try and make the necessary changes to improve it. Most of you don’t want to be helped, because you have just let yourself be programmed to be a negative nancy in society. And it doesn’t matter if you like it or not you do thrive on attention, because if you weren’t concerned with the attention you wouldn’t post it for all 140 members of your family and friends to see. A word of advice to the wise, if you’re not willing to make the changes in your life that influence you in the best possible ways, don’t complain. Or at least don’t complain where I can read it!

These are the people who abuse facebook, myspace, instagram or whatever other social “networking” sites we use today. The people you follow who make it not only uncomfortable but not fun anymore. Who want’s to refresh their newsfeed and see all these negative, angry people? But it’s always really awkward when they are a family member or a good friends and you can’t delete them or unfollow them without them noticing or family saying something about the situation. I’m simply saying what others are thinking and are too nice and polite to say.