to the new year

I guess I should start by saying I’m really looking forward to the new year. After all,  I have a new job, my health, family and a bright future ahead (if I can pass my math class) . I’m a happy person with a lot to be grateful for. So at the end of last year( about a week ago)  I decided to read “The happiness project” and from the moment I started reading I was hooked. It took me a couple days to finish, although I tried to slow myself down because I didn’t want it to be over, ha! Gretchen now had myself contemplating “happiness.” I was happy,right? But I could always be happier, everyone could.  I could work on my short fuse and learn to hold my tongue, I could be on to something. The more I read,  the more inspired I became.  So like many of her readers I too have decided the new year brings the challenge of my very own happiness project. I’ve contemplated the answer to “happiness.” What would make a happier person, and what could I do to help increase my happiness. I’ve come up with a list of things that I believe will help my overall sense of happiness. Was there certain things I could do that equated to happiness, or was it possible to buy happiness? While so many people say, “you CAN’T buy happiness, its not for sale” sure I understood that but if I had the money to buy season tickets to the bruins hockey game, I know I would be a lot happier. It might not buy happiness, but it might help! So over the next year I tend to tackle all these cliche questions about happiness and see what it means to me.

While my happiness project is different from Gretchen’s in many ways, I also saw a lot of myself in her as well. I too was too easily agitated, didn’t appreciate my significant other the way I should or had doubts of the path I was taking in life. Some of my resolutions included: better you, improve education, let love grow, invest in yourself, let it go, cut corners and so on. (don’t worry my next blog will fill you in!) So here’s to the new year and seeing what can be accomplished with the happiness project!


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