Here we go –

So while I set out to start my happiness project with the new year approaching, I noticed that by the time I had finished the book, I had already set out on my happiness project.  My resolutions I want to tackle over the next year include:

-Let Courtney shine.

-Better you

-Let things go

-Don’t use your tongue as a weapon

-Reach out

-Stay classy

-Invest in myself

-Improve education

-clean up

-Let Love grow

-Cut corners

-Love your pups

And for January I was going to tackle first, BETTER YOU. For me, this consists of a few rules I’ve set our for myself like, allow yourself enough time in the morning so you are not rushed. I’ve always had a problem with sleeping in till the last minute then prying myself out of bed as a hot mess. In which I’m feeding the dogs, brushing my hair, teeth and applying makeup all at once. Why, I do this when I know it never puts me in the best mood, I have no idea! So I want to wake up with enough time to enjoy my morning, read the news like i like too, keep up with current affairs and spend some time with my pups before I set off on my day. Like many others come the first of the year, I have also set out to recreate my positive energy and for me that means getting back involved in hot yoga. Like many woman, once I found myself in a comfortable part of my relationship, I let hot yoga go. Why did I do this I have no idea! I’m an overall happier person when I am meditating, focusing on positive energy and working all out all at once! I know crazy to think I found something not only that I LOVE to do, but that it has so many benefits! And yet over the last year of my life, I couldn’t find a way to fit into my schedule. Well I owe it to myself to start practicing yoga again and to my friends and family because I know I am much more enjoyable to be around when I am practicing because I have a positive energy about me. Part of this months resolutions, was to also start blogging, which I seem to be doing just fine. Other than I don’t know to manage the blog yet( with time I will figure it out, I hope!) If anyone has any tips, feel free to let me in on the secrets, I would appreciate it.

As the first few official days of my project. I do notice the challenges I have set for myself, But i am optimistically ready for it. I’ve already noticed myself incorporating resolutions for my upcoming months into this month. Which does make me feel extremely accomplished. 


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