Great Expectations

I set out to create the blog to track my happiness project and my progress. It than occurred to myself that there was so many other things I wouldn’t to post about other than my trial and error and milestones.  On the same note as happiness, lets talk about the San Diego Chargers. They are no dream team by any means but that’s my football team since I could remember. The years of falling short and missing playoffs have always been a reality as a chargers fan. But this year, the chargers who had a rough start to the season, made playoffs on a small statistical chance (controversial or not). With them securing their spot in playoffs they headed to Cincinnati, Ohio, to take on the  bengals who would be defeated for the first time in the season on home turf. While the handicappers in Vegas and much of the nation thought the Chargers didn’t stand a chance on the road against the very good Bengal team at home, they defied the odds.  The chargers not only beat this very talented team but they beat them by an impressive margin of 17 points. San Diego moving forward will gear up and head into Denver to take on Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Peyton is no stranger to the rivalry between San Diego and the Broncos, going back to the days when Peyton was an Indianapolis Colt. San Diego has seemed to give Peyton a hard time in his highly successful career. I have to think that a San Diego team who has already successfully beat a high scoring powered offense broncos team, is ready for the challenge. Philip Rivers while debatable the quality of his game has seemed to figure out a key factor.  HOW to beat Peyton in playoffs, which is what matters. Philip Rivers is 2-0 lifetime against Peyton in the playoffs. If that doesn’t do anything for you skeptics, how about he is 6-2 all time in the mile high city. With the veteran leaders of the team Philip, Gates and Weddle I look for a very determined Chargers team to show up in Denver. Riding a five game win streak, I look to see it extended to six games. And than onto the next they shall go!


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