Could be a curse; could be fate?

With the NFL playoffs underway and some early upsets in just the first week of playoffs, I come with some new perspectives. The Saints won their first playoff game  on the road in five games. Drew Brees’ clinched his first playoff road game in history in his upset against the Eagles. The San Diego Super Chargers prevailed against the Bengals in a hostile environment in Cincinnati where they had a perfect home record. While many have the Seahawks or the Broncos winning it all, I bring you some interesting new trends. 

In the last four seasons, the team who has played the opening game in Philadelphia, the home of the Eagles has gone on to win the Superbowl. The eagles when have opened their season to the future Superbowl champions in the last four year. If the trend is correct, San Diego Chargers fans gear up for this upcoming Superbowl. It would be nice to add a Superbowl championship to the list, since the chargers don’t have one. For my readers who are having a hard time taking this in, I can refresh your memory.

In 2009 we witnessed a Colts vs. Saints Superbowl in which the Saints were the new Superbowl Champions in XLIV. That season the Eagles home opener was to the Saints. In 2010 the Eagles opened their season hosting the Packers and they went on the beat the Steelers in Superbowl XLV. Still not convinced ? In 2011 the Eagles opened their season with the New York Giants and they prevailed for the second time to beat the New England Patriots. The following year, 2012 the Eagles hosted no other than the Ravens. Guess who won Superbowl XLVII ? The Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans. For some people, this might not be compelling enough to believe that the Chargers are going to win the Superbowl this year. And that’s okay, oddly enough I happen to be a Chargers fan, so I will optimistically hope this trend lasts at least one more year.  Is this a new curse for the Eagles or a blessing in disguise for teams lucky enough to be scheduled to play the home opener in Philadelphia? Whatever side of the fence you want to sit and analyze either way, its food for thought. 


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