Living up to Boston’s identity

While the Boston Bruins have had their share of struggles as of recently they look to head into Texas tomorrow to take on the Dallas Stars. Despite their last few games where they have fallen short and even most recently on home ice to Toronto, they look to change the momentum. While on their west coast trip most recently they fell short to the ducks and the kings and managed to get a shutout on the road in San Jose. While most didn’t give the Bruins their dues for the shutout on the road in a very hard to win shark tank, I look at it as a great push to give the Bruins. While some speculate that Boston’s Tuukka Rask is the underlying problem, I beg to differ. Sure everyone wants a goal tender who can generate shutouts on a nightly basis and everyone wins. This is reality and unfortunately even the most talented goalies in the league let goals in and lose games.  Sure it’s easy to say if Tuukka Rask had less goals scored against everything would be fine, but that’s not the case. Everyone looks past the fact that Tuukka Rask has the most shutouts of any goaltender this season with 5. A goalie is only a good as the defense it’s provided and Boston’s defense has had some holes in it. With injuries all over their lineup and them having to call up players on short notice that makes for a big impact overall. While  Chris Kelly, Dougie Hamilton, Louie Eriksson, Alex Caron, Dennis Seidenberg have all been out due to injuries and the suspended Shawn Thorton. The B’s look forward to having Shawn Thornton in the lineup in his second game back.

Aside from all the injuries the Bruins are having to battle through and holes to fill in the lineup, they haven’t had the goal scoring that we are accustomed to seeing from the B’s.  With Boston’s top lines not contributing to the offense in these games, it has had a negative impact on their overall performance. If the Bruins plan on heading into Dallas and getting a win on the road they will need to generate offense and find a way to stop the hot Tyler Seguin. I’m sure for the Bruins it’s a bitter feeling to see how well he is blossoming after they traded him following the loss in the Stanley Cup. While Seguin struggled in the playoffs and Stanley Cup to come alive and be the effective goal scorer he had been in the season, he has had no trouble this season with his new team. Especially noting in the first game Tyler Seguin and Rich Peverley played against their former team this season they both had the scored in shootout against Tuukka for the game winning goals. 

A very competitive and physical Boston team will be heading into Dallas looking to get a win on the road.  Heading into Dallas, Boston’s top lines need to be able to perform at the level we expect. The B’s defense needs to tie up the loose ends on the defensive side. Boston’s defense has to be dominate. Boston has always been known for the physical and dominate style hockey and they need to continue to live up to this. Even with key injuries they must find a way to power through with their young players lead by Captain Zdeno Chara. Its time for the Veteran players of the Boston Bruins to boost up the morale of this struggling team composed of many young, new players. While the Bruins are no stranger to adversity and overcoming hurdles in the season, they need to make sure to make the adjustments sooner than later. 


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