To the one who let me go, Thank you. Thank you for giving me a chance to see things how they truly are and how green the grass is on the other side. Initially when you part ways with anyone who’s been a significant person in your life over an extended period of time, you feel lost and betrayed. And that’s okay, it’s okay to not always be okay. I think for anyone one of the worst feelings is to know the person you loved never felt the same. I know personally,  I was searching for answers. because like everything in my life I want things explained in great detail. However some things are better left unsaid. Some things don’t require an answer or response. The best thing that ever happened to me was for me to realize where I was at this stage in my life. You lose so many people along the way in life, way more than you’ll ever find. Some people are meant to be lost, some people come into your life just to teach a lesson before they go on their own journey. So observe, take something away from each person you encounter. I found that period of my life to be the time where I really grew into myself. nothing will change your soul like someone tearing apart your soul and inner peace. I found this as a time to rebuild, things the way I wanted them. A learning experience of my life to make sure I never become that person I once was, to figure out exactly who I was and exactly what I was looking for in someone else.


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