Moving on

part of moving on is learning to accept the ugly truth. While most people cling to the good memories, that provide hope, it’s time we be realistic. When your heart is overcome with an emptyness it’s time to re evaluate things. The good should always out weight the bad and when it doesn’t, it’s time you think about things. Part of loving someone is loving the good, the bad and the ugly. However, when your significant other picks and chooses when to love you, know it’s time to walk away. Giving up isn’t the same as letting go. Be smart enough to know when your wasting valuable time and effort on someone who doesn’t appreciate either. You should never have to fight for a spot in someone’s life or compete with other people. I’ve learned the ugly truth. The ugly truth about loving someone I was never going to be number one to. The ugly truth about realizing after investing over a year to overcome my own fears and theirs I still didn’t measure up, they still found any reason and excuse to not commit. Sometimes you let people destroy who you are, and I guess it’s going to be okay it gives you the chance to build yourself as you should be. They say life is all about the lessons you learn along the way and the people who taught you them……


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