Fight right.

Relationships and social bonds are a direct link to happiness for the majority of people. People who engage in close friendships, relationships and social ties tend to be happier people in a general sense. Maybe it’s because they have someone to count on or because they feel as though they belong to something or someone. Everyone needs someone they can confide in with all the different directions life takes you through. So this blog post will be dedicated to friendships. Some friendships will last a life time without work, some will take work to make things work. Great things take time and effort. And it seems as though the things worth having in life don’t always come easy.  I’ve always struggled with relationships. I’ve always been to quick to cut ties and hold grudges for things that aren’t even worth ruining friendships. I often find that my stubbornness and pride have a direct effect on my friendships. Why do people let silly little disagreements ruin relationships that took time and effort to build? I have no idea, but I won’t let it affect anymore relationships if I can help it! You can’t control how others react to things in life, but you can control how you handle them.

Sometimes you have to take time to rebuild the things that have been broken. I find that with a certain friend I’ve had through most of my important years of growing up, we have had our share of falling outs. We stop talking for a reason so small that by the time we make up we can’t remember what set us apart to begin with. LET THINGS GO. If you’re not going to remember it in a month or even three months from now, why even make a big deal about it!  Whenever I do regroup with this friend, I feel as though I’ve never missed a beat, no matter how long we fell out of touch for. We know each other. I know how she operates, I know when she’s happy and I know when she isn’t. This is why they say, ” The best mirror is an old friend.” I am a firm believer in this, for when I do see, I see nothing but the great times we had growing up. Some people like to make excuses for friendships falling apart like, ” some people grow up and apart, it’s a part of life.”Well if you’re okay with that answer, good for you! But I’m not happy settling with some people grow apart! Not when you have a say in it and you have a clear opportunity to make a difference. Great people don’t come walking into your life everyday. So make sure when a great person does, you fight for them. At the end of the day, setting aside your pride for your happiness is more important than you feeling like you proved your point or you made yourself clear. When you look back and realize you let little things like a disagreement change a friendship that could last a lifetime, how will you feel? Was being right worth losing a friend. I believe everyone you come into contact serves a purpose to your life. Whether or not you like them or don’t they’ve taught you something valuable either about yourself or life, or possibly both. 

The days are long, but the years are short. Make sure you’re enjoying life to the fullest. Make sure you don’t take anyone for granted. Don’t let people go without a fight. Don’t worry about  always being right, because if that’s all you focus on, you’ll be the one losing.  Sometimes being right, isn’t as important as Doing what’s right. Don’t allow stubbornness and pride keep you from finding people to share your life with. Do make sure you let those people in your life know how important they are, before they’re gone. Ironic enough the person who inspired me to write this blog gave me my first, ” Friends Forever,” book when we were 15 years old. I’ve never once misplaced the book or thought of throwing it away, even through our tough times. I always kept it right next to the scrap book she made me when we were 16 for Christmas. It’s because deep down I always knew friends like these don’t come around often and I’ve always thought of her as a sister I wasn’t fortunate to have.


Could be a curse; could be fate?

With the NFL playoffs underway and some early upsets in just the first week of playoffs, I come with some new perspectives. The Saints won their first playoff game  on the road in five games. Drew Brees’ clinched his first playoff road game in history in his upset against the Eagles. The San Diego Super Chargers prevailed against the Bengals in a hostile environment in Cincinnati where they had a perfect home record. While many have the Seahawks or the Broncos winning it all, I bring you some interesting new trends. 

In the last four seasons, the team who has played the opening game in Philadelphia, the home of the Eagles has gone on to win the Superbowl. The eagles when have opened their season to the future Superbowl champions in the last four year. If the trend is correct, San Diego Chargers fans gear up for this upcoming Superbowl. It would be nice to add a Superbowl championship to the list, since the chargers don’t have one. For my readers who are having a hard time taking this in, I can refresh your memory.

In 2009 we witnessed a Colts vs. Saints Superbowl in which the Saints were the new Superbowl Champions in XLIV. That season the Eagles home opener was to the Saints. In 2010 the Eagles opened their season hosting the Packers and they went on the beat the Steelers in Superbowl XLV. Still not convinced ? In 2011 the Eagles opened their season with the New York Giants and they prevailed for the second time to beat the New England Patriots. The following year, 2012 the Eagles hosted no other than the Ravens. Guess who won Superbowl XLVII ? The Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans. For some people, this might not be compelling enough to believe that the Chargers are going to win the Superbowl this year. And that’s okay, oddly enough I happen to be a Chargers fan, so I will optimistically hope this trend lasts at least one more year.  Is this a new curse for the Eagles or a blessing in disguise for teams lucky enough to be scheduled to play the home opener in Philadelphia? Whatever side of the fence you want to sit and analyze either way, its food for thought. 

Great Expectations

I set out to create the blog to track my happiness project and my progress. It than occurred to myself that there was so many other things I wouldn’t to post about other than my trial and error and milestones.  On the same note as happiness, lets talk about the San Diego Chargers. They are no dream team by any means but that’s my football team since I could remember. The years of falling short and missing playoffs have always been a reality as a chargers fan. But this year, the chargers who had a rough start to the season, made playoffs on a small statistical chance (controversial or not). With them securing their spot in playoffs they headed to Cincinnati, Ohio, to take on the  bengals who would be defeated for the first time in the season on home turf. While the handicappers in Vegas and much of the nation thought the Chargers didn’t stand a chance on the road against the very good Bengal team at home, they defied the odds.  The chargers not only beat this very talented team but they beat them by an impressive margin of 17 points. San Diego moving forward will gear up and head into Denver to take on Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Peyton is no stranger to the rivalry between San Diego and the Broncos, going back to the days when Peyton was an Indianapolis Colt. San Diego has seemed to give Peyton a hard time in his highly successful career. I have to think that a San Diego team who has already successfully beat a high scoring powered offense broncos team, is ready for the challenge. Philip Rivers while debatable the quality of his game has seemed to figure out a key factor.  HOW to beat Peyton in playoffs, which is what matters. Philip Rivers is 2-0 lifetime against Peyton in the playoffs. If that doesn’t do anything for you skeptics, how about he is 6-2 all time in the mile high city. With the veteran leaders of the team Philip, Gates and Weddle I look for a very determined Chargers team to show up in Denver. Riding a five game win streak, I look to see it extended to six games. And than onto the next they shall go!

A few rules I’ve set out for myself to keep in mind while I continue to work on my happiness project.

-“It’s easy to be heavy, hard to be light.”

-“A clean home, is a happy home.”

-“Where there is love, there is hope.”

-it’s not what you say, It’s HOW you say it.

-“If you can’t change something, change the way you feel about it.”

Here we go –

So while I set out to start my happiness project with the new year approaching, I noticed that by the time I had finished the book, I had already set out on my happiness project.  My resolutions I want to tackle over the next year include:

-Let Courtney shine.

-Better you

-Let things go

-Don’t use your tongue as a weapon

-Reach out

-Stay classy

-Invest in myself

-Improve education

-clean up

-Let Love grow

-Cut corners

-Love your pups

And for January I was going to tackle first, BETTER YOU. For me, this consists of a few rules I’ve set our for myself like, allow yourself enough time in the morning so you are not rushed. I’ve always had a problem with sleeping in till the last minute then prying myself out of bed as a hot mess. In which I’m feeding the dogs, brushing my hair, teeth and applying makeup all at once. Why, I do this when I know it never puts me in the best mood, I have no idea! So I want to wake up with enough time to enjoy my morning, read the news like i like too, keep up with current affairs and spend some time with my pups before I set off on my day. Like many others come the first of the year, I have also set out to recreate my positive energy and for me that means getting back involved in hot yoga. Like many woman, once I found myself in a comfortable part of my relationship, I let hot yoga go. Why did I do this I have no idea! I’m an overall happier person when I am meditating, focusing on positive energy and working all out all at once! I know crazy to think I found something not only that I LOVE to do, but that it has so many benefits! And yet over the last year of my life, I couldn’t find a way to fit into my schedule. Well I owe it to myself to start practicing yoga again and to my friends and family because I know I am much more enjoyable to be around when I am practicing because I have a positive energy about me. Part of this months resolutions, was to also start blogging, which I seem to be doing just fine. Other than I don’t know to manage the blog yet( with time I will figure it out, I hope!) If anyone has any tips, feel free to let me in on the secrets, I would appreciate it.

As the first few official days of my project. I do notice the challenges I have set for myself, But i am optimistically ready for it. I’ve already noticed myself incorporating resolutions for my upcoming months into this month. Which does make me feel extremely accomplished. 

to the new year

I guess I should start by saying I’m really looking forward to the new year. After all,  I have a new job, my health, family and a bright future ahead (if I can pass my math class) . I’m a happy person with a lot to be grateful for. So at the end of last year( about a week ago)  I decided to read “The happiness project” and from the moment I started reading I was hooked. It took me a couple days to finish, although I tried to slow myself down because I didn’t want it to be over, ha! Gretchen now had myself contemplating “happiness.” I was happy,right? But I could always be happier, everyone could.  I could work on my short fuse and learn to hold my tongue, I could be on to something. The more I read,  the more inspired I became.  So like many of her readers I too have decided the new year brings the challenge of my very own happiness project. I’ve contemplated the answer to “happiness.” What would make a happier person, and what could I do to help increase my happiness. I’ve come up with a list of things that I believe will help my overall sense of happiness. Was there certain things I could do that equated to happiness, or was it possible to buy happiness? While so many people say, “you CAN’T buy happiness, its not for sale” sure I understood that but if I had the money to buy season tickets to the bruins hockey game, I know I would be a lot happier. It might not buy happiness, but it might help! So over the next year I tend to tackle all these cliche questions about happiness and see what it means to me.

While my happiness project is different from Gretchen’s in many ways, I also saw a lot of myself in her as well. I too was too easily agitated, didn’t appreciate my significant other the way I should or had doubts of the path I was taking in life. Some of my resolutions included: better you, improve education, let love grow, invest in yourself, let it go, cut corners and so on. (don’t worry my next blog will fill you in!) So here’s to the new year and seeing what can be accomplished with the happiness project!